Project Consultancy

ISO-TECH provides new lab establishment services to other laboratories, manufacturers and universities.  With this service, laboratories, manufacturers and universities can establish an entire new laboratory in their facility or simply bring in a new test.
These services are ideal for the organization that doesn’t have the internal expertise to:
  1. Identify the required method(s)
  1. Purchase the correct instrumentation, equipment and supplies
  1. Install the instrument
  1. Verify performance of the instrumentation
  1. Verify performance of the method
  1. Train technicians to perform the method
  1. Provide routine support
ISO-TECH staff will help your staff perform all of those requirements.  With a simple phone call to our staff, you will have the correct instrument and trained staff in your laboratory performing the test within a reasonable timeframe.

Identify the Required Method(s)
ISO-TECH staff will discuss testing needs with your staff in detail to understand which method is required.  If there isn’t a commercial or nationally recognized method available, we can create one for you.

Method Development
If there isn’t a commercial or nationally recognized method available for the test, ISO-TECH will prepare a method for the analysis.  Once the method document is prepared, we’ll verify its performance by checking it for Accuracy, Precision, Specificity, Limits of Detection/Quantitation, Linearity and Range.  We will also report all of the findings to you in a method development report.  This approach gives the customer the opportunity to see how well the method will perform before they invest in the instrumentation.

Purchase the Correct Instrumentation, Equipment and Supplies
After the method has been determined, ISO-TECH Staff will purchase all of the correct instrumentation and supplies, and arrange for them to be shipped to our customer’s site.  ISO-TECH will provide the customer with the list of required instrumentation, supplies and vendors.  That way our customers know where to get the items they need.

New or Used Equipment
We all like to save money, right?  Sometimes there is no other choice but to buy a new instrument from an instrument manufacturer.  However, when there is opportunity to purchase a lightly used or demo instrument at a considerable savings, rest assured that we’ll present that option to you.

Instrument Installation
When the instrument is delivered at our customer’s site, we will spend several days at the site to install it.  This includes hooking up all power, gas, water, etc the instrument requires.
Once completed, we provide the customer with a field report on the installation and training certificates for each of the technicians.

Verify Instrument Performance
Once installed, we’ll check the performance of the instrument to make sure it is running as it should.

Verify Method Performance
When the instrument has been shown to be installed and performing as expected, we’ll test it further by using it to run the method.

Train Technicians
When everything is satisfactory with the instrument and method, we’ll train your technicians how to use the instrument and run the method.
Routine Support
When we leave, rest assured that we stand behind the work with our service warranty.  If you have any issues with the instrument or method during the warranty period, you can call us to work it out.  If we can’t work it out, we’ll send someone to your site to help you figure it out.